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Gopher Mamay

Ukrainian Gophers

The task was to make the Ukrainian gopher for Golang community with a hint of engineering.

Go – is a programming language. This is clear that customers, in this case, there are programmers. They love this gopher. I watched the video from Gophercon 2016, studied the character and I made gopher in Ukrainian National symbols with engineering stuff.

Golang UA Logo
Inspired by Cossacks and National Symbols

go ua with font

Gopher Girl
Inspired by Ukrainian Women National Style

gopher girl

Mamay Gopher
Inspired by Cossack Mamay


Marilyn Gopher
Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Guys love Marilyn Monroe so, why gopher couldn’t be in Monroe style?

modern merlin
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  • Valentyn Ponomarenko
    6 years ago

    Можно ли использовать ваш логотип в статье по Golang ?