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Cosmic Cuttlefish

Ubuntu Version History Collection (29 items)

I’ve used the list of Ubuntu version history for Drawing Practice under the pretext of inktober. There are 29 items. So I drew one by one Every Day during of October month.

  1. Warty Warthog Warty Warthog
  2. Hoary HedgehogHoary Hedgehog
  3. Breezy BadgerBreezy Badger
  4. Dapper DrakeDapper Drake
  5. Edgy EftEdgy Eft
  6. Feisty FawnFeisty Fawn
  7. Gutsy GibbonGutsy Gibbon
  8. Hardy HeronHardy Heron
  9. Intrepid IbexIntrepid Ibex
  10. Jaunty JackalopeJaunty Jackalope
  11. Karmic Koalakarmic koala
  12. Lucid LynxLucid Lynx
  13. Maverick MeerkatMaverick Meerkat
  14. Natty NarwhalNatty Narwhal
  15. Oneiric (Dreaming) OcelotOneiric Ocelot
  16. Precise PangolinPrecise Pangolin
  17. Quantal QuetzalQuantal Quetzal
  18. Raring RingtailRaring Ringtail
  19. Saucy SalamanderSaucy Salamander
  20. Trusty TahrTrusty Tahr
  21. Utopic UnicornUtopic Unicorn
  22. Vivid VervetVivid Vervet
  23. Wily WerewolfWily Werewolf
  24. Xenial XerusXenial Xerus
  25. Yakkety (Talkative) YakYakkety Yak
  26. Zesty ZapusZesty Zapus
  27. Artful AardvarkArtful Aardvark
  28. Bionic BeaverBionic Beaver
  29. Cosmic CuttlefishCosmic Cuttlefish