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Finally, I have the opportunity to share some sticker packs for PDF Expert.The product is focused on the Japanese market. The stickers are made according to the specification and a style chosen by a customer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNQgMkWlGBA For this sticker pack, I was asked to do everything on my own without any tehnical specifications. https://youtu.be/zGjL5ayCQP8?t=42 I'm proud to say that I was part of the a project.

I've used the list of Ubuntu version history for Drawing Practice under the pretext of inktober. There are 29 items. So I drew one by one Every Day during of October month. Warty Warthog  Hoary Hedgehog Breezy Badger Dapper Drake Edgy Eft Feisty Fawn Gutsy Gibbon Hardy Heron Intrepid Ibex Jaunty Jackalope Karmic Koala Lucid Lynx Maverick Meerkat Natty Narwhal Oneiric (Dreaming) Ocelot Precise Pangolin Quantal Quetzal Raring Ringtail Saucy Salamander Trusty Tahr Utopic Unicorn Vivid Vervet Wily Werewolf Xenial Xerus Yakkety (Talkative) Yak Zesty Zapus Artful Aardvark Bionic Beaver Cosmic Cuttlefish

The task was to make the Ukrainian gopher for Golang community with a hint of engineering. Go - is a programming language. This is clear that customers, in this case, there are programmers. They love this gopher. I watched the video from Gophercon 2016, studied the character and I made gopher in Ukrainian National symbols with engineering stuff. Golang UA LogoInspired by Cossacks and National Symbols Gopher GirlInspired by Ukrainian Women National Style Mamay GopherInspired by Cossack Mamay Marilyn GopherInspired by Marilyn Monroe Guys love Marilyn Monroe so, why gopher couldn't be in Monroe style?

Objective: To adapt Golang character to the style of Star Wars, and combine it with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GNU, Android. Result is: Here is stickers: