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Hi, glad to see you here! Hop in my world

I'm in love with drawing, fantasizing and cats that's why I combine this all passions in most cases. I am an illustrator and a comic maker, living in a small town in Ukraine near a the Black sea. My name is Svitlana Bakalova I'm Ukrainian and here I am at your disposal.

I grew up in a poor religious family, living in the gloomy post-Soviet space. Perhaps this explains my atheistic views, my love of black humor and the lack of a truly good education.

Anyway, being a child, I had a desire for another brighter world expressed in pictures, so I painted almost everywhere where there was paper. In that case, wallpapers and my mom’s cooking notebooks came in handy (I was sure that my drawings could turn them into really cute pieces). Later my parents bought me paper and pencils and it’s when it all started but lasted not so long.

When I got a little older, adults convinced me that drawing is a frivolous thing and nobody needs it: ``You can’t make money on it``.
What a long and difficult way it was to return to childhood dreams and start all over again, without a good education, without acquaintances, without any support and being convinced that ``nobody needs it``...

Fortunately, at the moment I have a family that supports me and I have already participated in several projects for which helped me to show myself and get some money, like the Ukrainian Golang community, Ukrainian International Airlines, PDF-expert and my own small projects as well.

Speaking about my own projects, I am working on some of them at this moment, and I would be glad to help you make your project brighter.